Glucosamine is one of the great breakthrough supplements to treat and prevent arthritis.

Despite a recent study that indicated that glucosamine failed to repress pain and help damaged joints heal faster, clinical trials with crystalline glucosamine supplements proved it does.

Crystal glucosamine remains a major player in the fight against the damaging effects of arthritis.

Glucosamine influences collagen health, which is essential to joint health.

Glucosamine works best when used in conjunction with minerals, anti-inflammatory herbs, antioxidants specific to collagen protection, omega-3 fats to prevent joint damage, strengthen both a weakened and a normal ligament.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino sugar found in the matrix of collagen, which is integral to joint and ligament health.
Glucosamine is also found in lubricating fluids like the synovial fluid of joints and the aqueous and vitreous humors of the eye and its protective mucus.

Glucosamine also accelerates wound healing.

Glucosamine supplements taken early in life can prevent arthritis later in life.

The amount of glucosamine that is produced by the body decreases with age. Its availability is the limiting factor in the production of proteoglycans.

Since the amount of glucosamine the body produces decreases as does its ability to synthesize and maintain cartilage.
Therefore, to enhance cartilage repair glucosamine supplements are recommended.

The daily intake of 1500mg of crystaline glucosamine ensures the rapid synthesis of proteoglycans.

Enhanced synthesis of this extracellular cement helps the body overcome the degradation that occurs during arthritis, joint disease, injuries and inflammation.