Legalize Recreational Marijuana

The controversy over medicinal marijuana is pretty much over.

Its now a matter of time before its legal nationwide.

Once the drug is legalized, abuse will surely follow. To deny this it to deny the obvious.

But this does not warrant a return to abolition.

The predicament, as a nation, is alarmingly serious.

As an advocate in favor of medicinal marijuana legalization, this drug, in this form, should be severely restricted. 

Marijuana grown naturally with less THC content should be legalized with much less potency and less catatonic overdosing.

Strains of cannabis are grouped based on their relative amounts of indica and sativa components.

The phytochemicals, or rather the library of phytochemicals of the strain, interact with receptors in the brain.

A genetic melting pot producing a different set of 'highs'.

The medicinal high of today's marijuana is generated by the unique library of compounds, manipulated to obtain the most potent drug at the cheapest of coats.

The native plant or strain, has a unique phyto-chemcal profile of the plant.