An Athlete's Diet

Diet is the sum total of all activity. It includes all the foods, beverages, and snacks that are eaten, which contains all the proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, minerals, fibers, required... Read more


The pomegranate (punica granatum) is a fruit bearing plant. The pomegranate is a shrub or small tree. It is cultivated for its fruit. Its history dates back to antiquity where in Ancient Greek... Read more

Female Athletes

Female Athletes

Women have been part of the main stream exercise world for some time now.   Exercise nutrition however, as it pertains specifically to women, is sorely lacking.   In general, the best way to... Read more

Aging & Fat

One of the unfortunate changes that accompany aging is an increase in body fat.   Increased body fat is the single greatest reason why so many women chose to diet.   Abdominal fat increases... Read more


Recreational Drugs

Inactivity is America's core problem. Instead of movement, Americans have grown to depend on drugs; pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, any and all kinds of drugs. The biological process by which all these... Read more

Performance Enhancement Drugs

The dietary supplement industry was started by medicinal charlatans. Entrepreneurs, whose expertise was in business and marketing, not health and science. Garage startup, little investment and no regulation, entrepreneurial nirvana for... Read more


Balanced Diet

  The Athlete’s Diet is a pattern of good nutrition and regular exercise.  Together they make a powerful team to prevent disease. Colorful foods and healthy oils (omega-3s and olive) best fuel and... Read more

Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic or Paleo diet, also known as the caveman, stone age or prehistoric diet, are the diets du jour. The Paleo diet is based on Stone age living. A time... Read more


Botanical Biology

The medical philosophy advocated here is based on the use of plant-derived foods and their ability to stimulate the body's self-healing forces.. Plants are one of the kingdoms of living matter. Human... Read more

Green Libraries

Carbohydrates are the healthiest foods on the planet.   Carbohydrates are made by plants.   Carbohydrates are the best foods to fuel exercise.    Plant foods also lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and... Read more


American Still Life

America is the epicenter of a world-wide plague; an epidemic of nutritional illnesses that threatens everyone, especially children. Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are rampant in this new, brave new world. And when... Read more


Glucosamine is one of the great breakthrough supplements to treat and prevent arthritis. Despite a recent study that indicated that glucosamine failed to repress pain and help damaged joints heal faster... Read more