Anti-aging medicine is based on reversing the body's molecular decline.


This allows the body to delay the starting time of decay and pushes the barometer of youth to the right.

The earlier in life the reversal occurs, the longer the delay.

Aging occurs sooner in people who allow molecular decline to go in to free-fall.


There are many biological markers and factors that signal when aging actually begins.

Physical signs notwithstanding, life is on the road of dying. Stretching that road is the goal of an anti-aging formula. Running on the road is the goal of this program. 


One method aging boomers are using to interdict aging is via expensive growth hormone.

The drug is prescribed and injected by physicians. This boost in hormone levels allow the body to behave as if it were younger.  

The effects of the non-pharmaceutical program to delay aging are not as dramatic.

But a natural method is the preferred way.

In addition to be being safer, it has more potential since it is based on daily exercise and colorful foods. 

It depends on Nature's most powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants applied externally on the skin prevent and hide wrinkles and ingested protect the inner metabolic functions of muscle and brain cells and prevent joints from becoming targets of immunologic attack.

Alpha-lipoic acid, reservratrol, the antioxidant in red wine and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), a vitamin created by the solar conversion of vitamin D in the skin are antioxidants that should be included as dietary supplements to everyone's diet, especially athletes.

These antioxidants prevent cellular dysfunction and protect DNA against mutation


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