Metabolic Type Diet

Metabolic typing is a design based on the premiss that the health conditions of each dieter are unique.

Furthermore, because there are differing biochemical patterns underlining disease, the same must be applied to dieting and so each metabolic type requires a different strategy to achieve weight loss.

Metabolic typing claims to treat the underlying disease and not its symptoms.

Whereas Macrobiotic philosophy explains health in terms of yin and yang, Metabolic typing bases it’s belief in the existence of two energy types and two dominance systems.

The systems are called oxidative and autonomic and their personalities are derived from either an acid or alkali blood type. Accordingly, food interacts with the systems in exactly opposite ways.

The systems and metabolic profiles that result from this classification are further divided into fast burning and slow burning depending on the ability of the individual to metabolize carbohydrates.

The individual’s predominant component within his autonomic nervous system determines the ph of the blood and is the basis for classifying individuals according to acid or alkalis types.

The proponents of Metabolic typing of diet claim that fast burners, acid blood types or high metabolizes will benefit from a high complex carbohydrate diet while slow burners with alkali blood or slow metabolizes need a low carbohydrate or high protein diet to lose weight.


Genotype Based Diet

The Blood Type Diet is based on the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a controversial naturopathic doctor. It was created by his and his father’s research with blood.

D’ Adamo argues that each type of blood, A, B, O and AB have different requirements to properly function. These are summarized as follows:

Type A needs a diet high in vegetables and low in meats.

Type B can withstand high dairy content.

Type AB is a mix of the two.

Type O must follow a high meat content diet.

How the Blood Type Diet Works

D’Adamo claims that lectins, compounds found in blood react with food you eat. Lectins are proteins that vary according to the sugar they carry. This allow them to bind differently, which explains its role in biological recognition.

Accordingly, based on the blood type of the individual, different levels and varrring types of lectin are present.  Improper foods produce harmful products that become deposited in muscles, joints and blood. By eating the correct foods that correspond to your blood type, D’Adamo claims it will optimize function.

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